New House of Prayer – Veliko Tarnovo

Project purpose

Construction of new church building in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. For more information please, watch the video.

Project information

Veliko Tarnovo is the historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria. It is a city with centuries-old traditions, rich cultural and historical heritage. A modern and fast-growing university city.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Veliko Tarnovo has been established in 1952. It currently meets on the ground floor of a 10-storey apartment block. The biggest problem of the church in Veliko Turnovo is that it is far from people – almost out of town. The hall is small and uncomfortable.

That is why for 5 years the church has been praying and working actively to achieve its dream – a new house of prayer. Thus, in 2019, a plot was purchased for the construction of a new church building. The property is in the new city center. The area is bustling due to the many shopping outlets around. There is a park nearby. 72% of the population of Veliko Tarnovo live within 1 km. from the place of the new house of prayer.

Funds raised through voluntary donations from Bulgaria and abroad were used for the purchase of the property. A large part of the required amount is also provided by Bulgarian Union of SDA Church.

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning. The construction of the new building is forthcoming and the funds raised so far have been exhausted for the purchase of the plot. Procedures are underway to design the new building, which are financially secured. The actual construction requires a considerable amount of money, beyond the power of the local congregation. We ask for your help in order to complete this momentous project and to see our dream come true!

How can I help

  1. Add the project to your prayer list. Experience God’s intervention with Veliko Turnovo Church.
  2. Help with a financial donation and become part of the common cause.

    Bank Transfer Information: BDSK – Sofia, Branch #2, 1 Kaloyan Street
    IBAN: BG25STSA93000021696794
    Reason for payment: Veliko Tarnovo

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden”
Matthew 5:14