New House of Prayer – Sofia West

Project purpose

Construction of new church building in the city of Sofia, Lyulin Housing Complex. For more information please, watch the video.

Project information

„Lyulin“ Housing Complex with its 140,000 inhabitants is the largest housing complex in Bulgaria.

The Sofia-West Church consists of 120 members and has existed as an independent community since 2003. The church does not have its own building in which to worship and hold various events. At the moment worship services are performed in a rented hall. Sofia West Church has an active life, involving many young people and young families. The congregation launched and maintains Create a Future! Social Center that works with different age and social groups. The activities of this center include Art Workshop for Children, teachers from the church give free math lessons for students, there is also a School for Successful Parents, which presents current topics for family and child education. Professional help is offered by psychologists, health courses and cooking classes are held. The church is also very active in introducing the community to the Bible values ​​and beliefs.

The church is willing to serve the community, but it also faces challenges – many visitors from different age groups are creating the need for more and larger venues to host the events planned. The good news is that there is a property purchased and the architectural drafts have been drawn up for the construction of a new church building and a building permit is expected. The locality is exceptionally communicative and central to the whole neighborhood. The plans are for the construction of a House of prayer in which there should be sufficient space for community and social activities. The church wants to organize an hourly children’s playroom where busy parents can leave their children to do something for their families, as well as continue activities at Create a Future Social Center!

It is estimated that approximately US Dollars 600,000 will be needed to build the new house of prayer. So far, with the assistance of the World Advent Church and the Bulgarian Union, about 50% of the funds have been provided. Sofia West Church is in constant prayer and initiates various actions to raise the missing funds.

How can I help

You can help financially the efforts of Sofia West Church by a financial donation at the following bank account:

Bank Transfer Information: BDSK – Sofia, Branch #2, 1 Kaloyan Street
IBAN: BG25STSA93000021696794
Reason for payment: Sofia West House of Prayer

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden”
Matthew 5:14